Copyright Infringement in Children’s Play

The Facts The district court of Tel-Aviv has ruled today, 1.5.2012, that actors Dubi Gal, Arieh Uri, and their production company must pay compensation to the tune of 220,000NIS to author and journalist Avirama Golan and composer Misha Blachrovitch, for copyright infringement of the children’s play ‘Karius and Bactus’. The original children’s story was written […]

Accountant General infringes copyright Copyright infringement

The Facts In a recent court ruling, the Israeli Accountant General was found guilty of copyright infringement. The plaintiffs in the case run a service which explains tax rights and other information to retirees. The plaintiffs alleged that presentations found on the Accountant General’s website were copies of the ones they had created, and therefore […]

<span class="entry-title-primary">Uncovering User Identity Because of TalkBack</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Criteria for the disclosure of a web users' identity</span>

Uncovering User Identity Because of TalkBack Criteria for the disclosure of a web users' identity

District court of Nazareth, Justice Avraham Avraham (213/09), Rulling dated 19/01/2010. Topic: Disclosure of the identity of a commenter. Criteria for the disclosure of a web users’ identity. Internet-based Slander. Facts: Plaintiff brought suit in a lower court, requesting the defendant reveal the IP address of commenters to his articles, as they commented, he claims, […]