Amazon Fortune Telling Patent Anticipatory Shipping

Amazon had secured a patent known as “method and system for anticipatory package shipping” in year 2013. The invention is basically a shipping booster which predicts pre designated area segments of proffered ordered products and pre-delivers those products to the specified areas of distribution, while the good are being shipped, the route changes to various orders and shipped specifically to each order’s location.

The benefits for the number one retailer are clear: Amazon can now predict costumer orders and almost “tailor-fit” the shipping which leads to an increase in sales and reduces the major shipping costs and inventory storing costs. The patent helps optimize logistics and improve performance in a large scale.

It is not unequivocally known how Amazon enables this patent, but when pondering how exactly they manage to fulfill their commitment of 2-day shipping all across the United States, it is understood that order predicting is part of the mechanism.

Amazon cross-analyses costumer behavior, online behavior, clicks and many other online analysis able information. Further than that, the algorithm self-injects real world information which is learned by costumer telephone inquiries and response to sales calls as well as other variables. When conducting cross-analysis, the mentioned above information can give quite a clear picture of the products-to-be ordered through speculative shipping.

Delivery drones are definitely the future of instant online shipping worldwide, but meanwhile there are cutting edge technologies that are already in use and the generic costumer is not aware of.

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