Apple Won a See-Through Glass Building Patent Design The USPTO granted Steve Jobs a patent design for See-Through Glass Building.

Although there are several transparent architectural designs in the United States such as Phillip Johnson’s “Glass House” and other architectural designs by Apple like the Cylindrical Store Entrance design and the “Flying Saucer” event auditorium.
It is now official, to say that on the 26th of August this year Apple had successfully registered her unique patent design of a glass cube, see-through building. Apple is rest assured that the only see-through cubicle buildings to be built in cities across the United States and that may resemble Apple’s building design, will be property of Apple
The U.S Patent and Trademark Office granted the late founder of Apple, Steve Jobs the issuance of the requested patent of which he is named as the inventor. The final issuance of the patent design was given three years after Steve Jobs’s death.
The patent design is referred to the iconic Apple’s Manhattan store underground entrance, located on the southeast corner of Central Park, built in year 2006, the unique see-through design was modified in year 2011.
Apple designs are reaching the architectural and landscape sphere; will apple register their new “Apple Campus 2” as an architectural patent design? Time will tell.

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