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Software copyright in Israel

The tree of intellectual property laws has many branches. Each branch has its own fruit with a unique set of rules regarding its suitability, freshness and expiration date. A copyright branch is an intellectual property right granted to the creator


Homai v. Cohen – copyright in marketing publications

A procedure discussed at the Magistrate’s Court in Tel Aviv, before Judge Gad Mina. On 05/17/23 the verdict was given. The parties: Plaintiff: Nathalie Homai; Defendant: Claudia Cohen. The plaintiff is the owner of, among other things, a laser hair


Copyright Infringement in Children’s Play

The Facts The district court of Tel-Aviv has ruled today, 1.5.2012, that actors Dubi Gal, Arieh Uri, and their production company must pay compensation to the tune of 220,000NIS to author and journalist Avirama Golan and composer Misha Blachrovitch, for