Computer Law and Internet Law

Our office is one of the leading firms in litigation of internet and computer law. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in legal proceedings related to internet and computers, such as requesting interim orders for seizure and receivership related to computers (Anton Piller), in complex appeal processes, in arbitration and mediation proceedings of the Israeli Internet Association concerning domain names. The Firm’s lawyers have extensive experience in coping with the most challenging cases in the internet and computer law domain, of vital importance to our clients.

The firm is ranked amongst the top tiers intellectual property law firms in leading international guides: Legal 500IAM1000IP Stars, Dun and Bradstreet and BDI Guide. Yonatan Drori was ranked as one of Israel’s leading attorneys in the Patent practice by the renowned international ranking guide ILO and was awarded the Client Choice award.

Our experience in the field of computer and internet encompasses a wide variety of  fields, including cases of online libel, online copyright infringement, stealing of commercial secrets from computers, copying of source codes, computer software and databases, revealing surfers ’identity, suppliers’ and website owners ’liability for surfers’ activities and others.

Recent key cases dealt with by our firm’s lawyers include:

  • Copyrights to website regulations: representation of lawyers in prosecution of copyright infringement of website regulations.
  • Copyrights to press photographs: representation of professional photographer for copyright infringement of press photographs published on the internet without credit or payment.
  • Copyrights to artistic pictures: representation of a photographer and artist in prosecution of copyright infringement of artistic photographs used in a wide-spread internet advertising campaign without credit or payment.
  • Industrial Design in computer games: representation of two of the largest Israeli commodity retailing networks against. Sony International, in a dispute over Sony Playstation products.
  • Computer capture and search in premises case (Anton Piller court order): representation of a mobile network operator in an international technological case, over illegal hacking into computer files, use of computer evidence captured illegally and abuse of commercial secrets. The case is currently being handled in the Tel-Aviv regional court and the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem.
  • Facebook libel case: representation of a plaintiff in prosecution concerning libel on Facebook.
  • Software and source code: representation of a software firm vs. an ex-worker and share-holder claimed to have infringed the firm’s commercial secrets, including court-ordered seizure of the ex-workers’ computer.
  • International patent case on software: representation of a major mobile network operator in negotiation about patent infringement vs. Microsoft International and Apple International.