We are one of the leading law offices in the copyright litigation domain. We represent both claimants and respondents in copyright infringement claims, in temporary relief proceedings for infringement of copyrights, in complex proceedings of appeals concerning copyrights, in arbitration and mediation proceedings concerning copyrights, and in international proceedings.

The lawyers at our law office are wide experienced in dealing with the most challenging cases in the copyright domain, of utmost strategic importance to our clients.

Our experience in the copyright domain encompasses : Source code, pictures, architectural creations, drawings, paintings, sculptures, engravings, lithography, maps, graphs, applied art creations, drama, cinematic creations, musical-theatrical creations, reports, essays, computer software, information banks, songs, textbooks, technical drawings.

Recent key cases dealt with by our firm’s lawyers include:
Textbook copyright: Representation of a major publisher in a request for a temporary injunction and a suit for textbook copyright infringement.
Copyrights and industrial design: Copyrights and industrial design: Representation of two major consumer product retail chains in Israel vs. Sony International, in a dispute over Sony Playstation products.
Website Copyright Rules: Representation of a lawyer over infringement of copyright to website rules.
Copyright to press photographs: Representation of a professional photographer on grounds of infringement of copyrights to press photographs published in the press without credit and without payment.
Copyright to technical drawings: Representation of a large firm over copyright infringement of technical drawings of automobile parts.
Copyright to art works: Representation of a photographer and creator over copyright infringement concerning use of art photographs in a large advertising campaign, without credit and without payment.
Copyright to an architectural creation: Representation of a famous architect in a suit for copyright infringement of architectural drawings, alleging distortion of his architectural creation.

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