Google’s Micro Lens Tech Patent When Google Glass gave Birth

“Intrusive Technology” has been debated for several years now that technology minimized itself more and more. Google as the usher of new technology and pioneer of various fields of technology as filed a patent application with the USPTO. The patent application is a contact lens with a tiny camera embedded with many uses including aiding the visually impaired, photographing the sight of the user and more.

The invention is pretty much the descendent of the famous “Google Glass”, possibilities are wide, from augmented reality solutions to real time notifications of obstacles that could help alert the user of objects not in direct range sight of the user as well as improve sight for those with vision difficulties.

Google had began research and development in the field, originally to help diabetics in measuring blood glucose levels in a non intrusive method which could give live feed of the different blood glucose parameters to the user and potentially the direct doctor treating the user.

Although nowadays the idea of hi-tech contact lens could be rather intimidating, especially when visioning the idea of everyone using lenses with cameras “inside” their eyes. We have to take into account the common use of assistive, intrusive devices and gadgets for the hearing impaired, that said Google’s Glass descendent could be the next generation of intrusive tech and might enter our lives even sooner than expected.

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