Jeremy Rutman

Jeremy Rutman

Patent attorney

Dr. Jeremy Rutman is a Patent attorney in DWO. His practice encompasses a broad range of patent prosecution areas.

Dr. Jeremy Rutman was born and educated in the United States. He graduated with honors B.Sc degree in physics from the prestigious Harvard University, which is considered to be the leading university in the world. Later on Dr. Rutman received his M.Sc degree in physics and a Ph.D. in physics from the Technion.

Dr. Rutman has vast experience in drafting patent applications in various fields such as physics, computer hardware and software, electrical, mechanical, chemical, green energy, Internet, applications, and other areas.

Dr. Rutman has published articles in professional journals such as ElectroChimica Acta, Solid State Ionics and The Journal of the American Ceramic Society.

Dr. Rutman is very close to the field of green energy and sustainability and invests his time in research and development of various projects, including various developments in the field of electric vehicles.