Music Industry

Our firm provides legal advice regarding the music and entertainment industry. Our practice encompasses all aspects of copyrights in music and we assist creators, labels, publishers, artist managers, various parties in the music industry (management, distribution, supervisors, sync, booking, etc.) and startups in fields related to music, with agreements, licenses, royalties, publishing, registration of rights, musical copying (plagiarism), legal opinions, working with joint rights management organizations, licensing and checking and exhausting economic rights in musical works.

We will be happy to assist and contribute from our experience (both as lawyers and as musicians) in any legal issue concerning the music industry.

The firm is ranked amongst the top tiers intellectual property law firms in leading international guides: Legal 500IAM1000IP Stars, Dun and Bradstreet and BDI Guide. 


Books we wrote in the field of copyright and the music industry:

– In 2015, our book “Internet Law and IP in the Cyber domain was published. The book reviews and analyzes, among other things, the field of the music industry and contracts in the online age.

– In 2016, our book “Monetary Remedies in Intellectual Property Procedures” was published – the first book in Israel that deals with the subject of calculating compensation in copyright infringement proceedings.

– In 2019, our book “Intellectual Property Law in Israel” was published – the book reviews and analyzes in the English all the intellectual property laws in Israel and in particular the copyright law and the performers and broadcasters law and the main rulings in relation to them.


Our services in the field of music industry:

– Drafting of agreements and representation in negotiations (artist management, labels, sync, publishers, distribution, etc.)

– Representation in front of joint rights management organizations (AKOM, the Federation for Records, Eshkolot, etc.)

– Representation in legal proceedings/ arbitration in ACOM in matters of musical copying (plagiarism)

– Ongoing consultation in matters of copyright, royalties, sync and publishing

– Registration of trademarks and designs (merchandising)

– Legal opinions concerning the music industry