Patents Prosecution

Drori Stav IP is a Law office and Patent Attorneys firm specializing in the fields of Intellectual Property in general and in patents prosecution in particular.

We handle all aspects of patent prosecution, from drafting and filing patent applications to registration of patents in Israel and worldwide.

The firm is ranked amongst the top tiers intellectual property law firms in leading international guides: Legal 500, IAM1000, IP Stars, Dun and Bradstreet and BDI Guide. Yonatan Drori was ranked as one of Israel’s leading attorneys in the Patent practice by the renowned international ranking guide ILO and was awarded the Client Choice award.

Our Books on Patents:

In 2016 we have published our book “Monetary Remedies in Intellectual Property Procedures“, the first book published in Israel dealing with calculation of damages in patent infringement procedures in Israel and around the world. The book was written by Yonatan Drori.

In 2019 we published our book “Intellectual Property Law in Israel”, which extensively and thoroughly reviews the Intellectual Property Law in Israel and provides an in-depth coverage of the Israeli legislation and case law in this field from historical, procedural and substantial points of view. The book was written by Yonatan Drori and Yotam Werzansky-Orland.

In 2023 we have published our book “Patent Law“, The book unfolds before the reader, be it a judge in court, a patent attorney drafting a patent application, a lawyer representing his clients in a dispute concerning a patent or the inventor himself seeking to protect his invention, the words of the legislation and rulings of the courts in Israel and around the world and analyzes them, detailing the international treaties that deal with intellectual property law in general and patents law in particular and gives them clear explanations. The book was written by Yonatan Drori.

Our uniqueness: 

Patent drafting and prosecution in our firm is done by a team specially assembled for each patent application, consisting of attorneys experienced and knowledgable in patent law and patent attorney proficient in the relevant technological field. This combination of legal and scientific expertise is our recipe for robust patent applications intended to provide our clients the strongest patent protection possible.

Our fields of expertise in patent registration include Computer Sciences, Electronics, Mechanics, Machine Engineering, Telecommunications, Physics, Consumer Products and Medical devices.

Our services:

Patent prosecution services generally provided by the firm include:

  • Patent Prosecution – drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications around the globe.
  • Provisional Patent Application – drafting and filing.
  • Professional opinions concerning Patentability of inventions and Freedom to Operate.
  • Representation in proceedings before the Israeli Patent Office including patent oppositions and patent cancellations.
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