Ever walked and texted simultaneously? This article is about you.

Apple secured a U.S patent for a so called “transparent texting” technology that enables the users to see what is in front of them while texting. Numbers of smartphone users who stumble upon walls, glass windows and other random objects are rising persistently, along with recorded events of injuries due to the phenomena and even at some cases fatalities are recorded. The fast pace changes to reality due to hand placed smart devices are yet to be over.

In a nutshell, the unique technology replaces the background of iPhone message apps with a real time video from the device’s front camera. When the feature is on, the device user could immediately see “through” the phone and potentially minimize accidents.

Although it is unclear what will be the scope of use in the technology, there are several apps in the app store such as “Type n Walk” and “Walk N Text” that already provide a similar use, based on the device’s front camera.

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