Trademark Prosecution

DWO is a Law office and Patent Attorneys firm specializing in the fields of Intellectual Property in general and in Trademarks prosecution in particular.

Years of experience in registering and enforcing trademarks in Israel and around the world. We offer complete trademark prosecution and trademark registration services to ensure your trademarks are protected.

We advise our clients on intellectual property strategy. We represent them in prosecuting and obtaining trademark protection world wide.

The firm is ranked amongst the top tiers intellectual property law firms in leading international guides: Legal 500, WTR, IAM1000, IP Stars, Dun and Bradstreet and BDI Guide. Yonatan Drori was ranked as one of Israel’s leading attorneys in the Patent practice by the renowned international ranking guide ILO and was awarded the Client Choice award.

Our Books on Trademarks:

In 2016 we have published our book “Monetary Remedies in Intellectual Property Procedures“, the first book published in Israel dealing with calculation of damages in trademark infringement procedures in Israel and around the world. The book was written by Yonatan Drori and edited by Yotam Werzansky-Orland.

In 2020 we published our book “Intellectual Property Law in Israel”, which extensively and thoroughly reviews the Intellectual Property Law in Israel and provides an in-depth coverage of the Israeli legislation and case law in this field from historical, procedural and substantial points of view. The book was written by Yonatan Drori and Yotam Werzansky-Orland.

Our uniqueness:

We provide full support for the trademark registration and logos process in Israel and around the world.

In the first stage, we check in various databases around the world whether the mark applied for is available for registration, whether it meets the conditions of registration of the relevant authority in the specific country and whether the mark meets the criteria for validity of registration as determined in judgments in the country and worldwide.

In the second stage, we determine in which classification the mark will be applied for, in accordance with the various international treaties and laws. According to the classification we determine the specification of the mark for registration.

In the third phase, we accompany the client through the registration process, which includes responding to the trademark office demands and official actions and when needed, responding to third party oppositions to the trademark registration.

Additional services:

In addition, the firm provides additional trademark registration services which include:

  • Drafting opinions regarding trademark registration and infringement examination. This is a detailed opinion that attempts to assess the chances of a trade mark being sought.
  • Formulate an opinion on an existing trademark infringement question by using the requested trademark.
    The opinions provided by the firm are given in accordance with the relevant legal systems in Israel and worldwide and in accordance with the latest judgments in the relevant territory.
  • Trademark Search – Searching the various trademark databases in Israel and around the world to examine the existence of conflicting trademarks which may impair the chances of a trademark registration process.
  • WATCH Services – Ongoing tracking and monitoring trademarks registered or applied for by third parties and examining them in comparison with the client’s trademarks.

Alongside the trademark registration services, the firm also provides business and legal trademark related assistance, such as:

  • Drafting trademark license agreements – It should be noted that in under Israeli law, a license to use a trademark must be made under a written agreement.
  • Drafting trademark sales agreements – We accompany both sellers and purchasers of trademark transactions in Israel and worldwide.
  • Trademark license registration – Use of a third party trademark is contingent upon obtaining a written license and registration under the Trademark Registrar’s Registry.

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