Uria Yarkoni

Uria Yarkoni specialises in commercial litigation in the fields of software development, copyrights, computer law and privacy law, as well as class actions in the field of Law & Technology and administrative law with emphasis on freedom of information law. Mr. Yarkoni has been practicing the field of Law & Technology for several years and has a background in technological entrepreneurship, both as a software designer and as a lawyer.

Mr. Yarkoni handles complex commercial litigation and representing companies, NPO and individuals in legal proceedings. Mr. Yarkoni resides in Tel Aviv. He was drafted to the Air Force “Talpiot” unit, and afterwards served in the Intelligence Core. Mr. Yarkoni has a graduate degrees in computer science and in law, both from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Yarkoni is a teacher’s assistant of Dr. Karni Lotan’s Intellectual Property class at the Interdisciplinary Centre in Herzeliya and was a teacher’s assistant of Dr. Nimrod Kozlovsky’s Internet Law & Electronic Commerce class at Tel Aviv University. He also appears as a guest lecturer at the Freedom of Information Clinic at the College of Management and at Judges Conferences on the subject of Law & Technology. In the field of science, Mr. Yarkoni has experience in various areas of research and development, including aeronautics, telecommunications and mathematical models.

Mr. Yarkoni interned at the litigation department of Fischer-Behar-Chen-Well-Orion & Co., and afterwards worked under Dr. Kozlovsky at the field of Law & Technology. In 2010 he established his own law firm, which he operated until September 2013, when he joined as a partner to Drori-Werzansky-Orland & Co.