Yotam Werzansky Orland

Yotam Werzansky Orland


Yotam Werzansky Orland is one of the founders of DWO and at the moment he is not an active advocate in Israel due to his Ph.D. studies abroad.

Mr. Werzansky Orland’s expertise is in consultancy and escort in the fields of intellectual property, computer and internet law, emphasized on commercializing rights and escorting firms, inventors and artists in commercial deals. 

Among other issues, Mr. Werzansky Orland deals with high profile and complex litigation and business transaction cases and in representing firms in litigation processes in court, in front of the Israeli Patent Office and in arbitration proceedings on disputes over domain names.

Mr. Werzansky Orland was born in Tel Aviv and lives there. His native language is Hebrew and he is fluent in both English and Italian, as he studied veterinary medicine in Italy. Mr. Werzansky Orland holds is an LL.B. from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlyia and is about to finish his LL.M. with a thesis about Joint Authorship in the Copyright field.

Mr. Werzansky Orland is a visiting lecturer on Intellectual Property, and has lectured to students of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlyia, in Tel-Aviv University, in Bar-Ilan University and in Minshar School of the Arts.