Adidas v. Under Armour for Patent Infringement Wearable Tech IP Infridgement Dispute

Under armour, located in Baltimore allegedly infringed 10 registered Adidas patents. Adidas’s patents were registered between years 2007-2013 all in the field of wearable technology, fitness training and tracking devices. The core of the debate is the allegedly infringing products of model “Armour39” watches, chest straps and “MapMyFitness” trackers. MapMyFitness is a unique connected fitness technology core company which was acquired by Under Armour for approximately $150 Million on November this year. The official claim was filed on February 4th 2014 to the district court in Wilmington, Delaware.
Adidas’s will to protect her digital technology IP brought her to the feud, especially the protection of the “miCoach” which is a fitness training device that offers live voiced coaching and a workout analysis website zone according to Adidas spokesman. Under Armour has not yet given an official statement the aforesaid.
The allegedly infringed patents are location based fitness training devices with real-time interactive communication through various mobile and other devices which collect information about the user’s physical activity and sends it to the server along with systems and methods of presenting interactive physical activity information, automated route generation and computer program providing information for the user during physical activity.
This legal battle of giants signals to the world of the importance of fitness, wearable tech and the essentialness it will have in the near future. Did Under Armour lost the race with Adidas to acquire MapMyFitness? Or did the acquired company infringe Adidas ten patents before this battle of giants? The court will decide.

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